Fact Sheet

Full Name: Brooke Candice Nevin

Birthday: December 22, 1982

Born and Raised: Toronto, Canada

Parents: Mom, Nicky; and dad, Bob, a retired hockey player, who was on three teams: the NY Rangers, of which he was the captain, plus the Toronto Maple Leafs, and LA Kings.

Sister: Kaleigh Cassandra

Instrument Played: Piano

Fun Stuff to do: Dancing and singing

Favorite TV Shows: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Dawson's Creek, Candid Camera ["My mom and I have a blast, she goes into convulsions when we watch Candid Camera"], 20/20, and Inside Edition. "I like a lot of others, but I can't watch that much because I'm too busy."

Favorite Color: Red

Favorite Foods: Salads and Chinese food

Favorite Drink: Orange juice

Favorite Sports: Rollerblading, soccer, biking, volleyball, downhill skiing.

Favorite After School Snack: Bagels

Favorite Board Game: Monopoly

You Might Be Surprised to Know: Brooke has won numerous public speaking contests.

Collects: Brooke's childhood collections range from stickers to porcelain masks and coins.

Second Job: As if her plate wasn't already full, Brooke does a lot of baby-sitting because she loves little kids.

Biggest Fear When Starting a New School Year: "In high school I was afraid of everything! I was afraid about making friends, all the cliques, I was really afraid because I switched from the gifted program to French immersion program. I didn't know how [the kids in that program] would treat me, because they'd been together for six years, so I was afraid of not fitting in. But that didn't happen -- I'm best friends with them now. It was silly."

Message to You: "Find something you're really interested in that you won't get tired of; research it, get into it."

Information from Meet the Stars of Animorphs.