ANIMORPHS (1998-2000)

First Aired: September 4, 1998

Co-Starring: Shawn Ashmore, Boris Cabrera, Paulo Costanzo, Nadia Nascimento, Joshua Peace, Christopher Ralph

Directors: Timothy Bond, Stacey Stewart Curtis, Ron Oliver

The Show's Premise:

Based on the popular book series by KA Applegate, the weekly adventures revolved around five teens who were able to 'morph' into various animals. The power was given to them by a dying Andalite prince who also warned them that earth had been invaded by a parasectic species, the Yeerks. However they are not alone in resisting the Yeerk invasion as the brother of the fallen prince soon joins their fight.


Brooke plays "Rachel" the fashion model look-a-like with the heart and soul of a warrior. She's the cousin of de-factor leader Jake (played by Shawn Ashmore), and best friends with Cassie (Nadia Nascimento). Rachel has a gung-ho, let's do it, attitude towards life. She's the first to volunteer for action and the last to back away from a fight.

Tidbits of Interest:

When Brooke initially auditioned for the role of Rachel, she had never heard of Animorphs, but encouraged by her friends she bought some books to research the role and became a fan of the books as well.