Are You Afraid of the Dark?


First Aired: May 15, 1999

Episode: The Tale of Bigfoot Ridge

Starring: (The Midnight Society) Kareem Blackwell, Elisha Cuthbert, Daniel DeSanto, David Deveau, Vanessa Lengies

Co-starring: (The Tale of Bigfoot Ridge) Hayden Christensen, Sarah Edmonson, Liz Macrae

Directors: Francine Langlois, Lorette LeBlanc

The Show's Premise:

'Are You Afraid of the Dark' is a half hour anthology in the spirit of 'Tales From the Crypt' but aimed for kids. Members of the Midnight Society gather after dark to tell scary stories by the campfire. A different member contributes a story in each episode. The 'AYAOTD' that Brooke guest starred in is the revival of the original series. The only member of the original series to cross over into the new series is Daniel DeSanto (Tucker).

Synopsis & Character:

The Tale of Bigfoot Ridge starts with Dani (Brooke) and her brother Kirk snowboarding. Dani is adamant about boarding off the back end of the slope, but Kirk refuses. Soon we learn why Dani wants to go so badly -- her best friend Gina disappeared boarding there. Kirk and the others believe Gina to be dead, but Dani won't stop looking. Before she leaves the slope she thinks she sees Gina in the crowd.

The next day Dani is doing work in her room when she suddenly hears Gina's voice calling for her. In her mirror she sees Gina's reflection calling for help. Kirk interrupts and Dani tells him that Gina is alive, but he doesn't believe her. Dani's mother then talks to her and we find out that Dani feels responsible for Gina's disappearance. That night while watching home videos of the three of them Dani sees Gina in the video calling for help. She tells Dani that she's at Big Foot Ridge.

The next morning Dani maps out a route to Big Foot Ridge, and despite Kirk's warning of an oncoming storm she goes out. At the Ridge Dani sees Gina board off and she follows her to a seemingly deserted cabin. Kirk also appears and points out that although Dani claims to have been following Gina, there are only two tracks, his and Dani's. They enter the cabin and find the skeleton of a ski patroller. Suddenly what looks like Gina, but with glowing green eyes appears and seemingly drains Kirk and Dani's energy, but is interrupted. Kirk and Dani then find Gina, but she's aged dramatically, in the cabin. She tells them about the creature that captured her. They try to escape but it blocks their way, and the storm's getting worse. As it gets dark they have to keep the fire going to keep the monster away, however they soon run out of things to burn (which I find hard to believe). With no choice Kirk and Dani go to try to turn on the electricity, they succeed partially and manage to make it back to Gina before the monster totally drains her. Dani stays in the cabin to protect Gina while Kirk goes out to finish turning the power on. The creature appears as the fire dies out and attacks Dani, it takes on Dani's form, but luckily Kirk manages to turn the power on and with the lights on in the cabin the creature is destroyed and Gina's youth is returned.

Tidbits of Interest:

Brooke filmed this episode of 'Are You Afraid of the Dark' during her hiatus from Animorphs. It's probably the first non-Animorphs role that many fans recognize Brooke in.

Star Wars fans will recognize Hayden Christensen as the young (but older than Jake Llyod) version of Anakin Skywalker.