First Aired: September 6, 1997

Episode: A Shocker on Shock Street

Co-Starring: Ben Cook, Jason Hopely, Brendan McMurry, Karen Nickerson, Kelly Nickerson, Eric Peterson, Ron Stefaniuk

Director: Randy Bradshaw

The Show's Premise:

Goosebumps is a series based on the then popular Goosebumps books series by R.L. Stine. Each of it's half hour episodes is based on an existing book with the exception of a few episodes. Brooke stars in the episode" A Shocker on Shock Street" in which she plays 'Erin'.

Synopsis & Character:

Erin and her friend Marty are fans of the horror genre, and her father works in Shocker studios which produced one of their favorite horror movie series, "Shocker On Shock Street." As they explore the studio they are attacked by a werewolf which turns out to be a robot created by Erin's father. After a tense moment when Erin mentions her mother, her father allows them to ride the newest attraction of the studio -- a "Shocker on Shock Street" ride. However there is one rule - do not leave the tram. As they go through the ride the tram suddenly stops. Marty decides to go out and push it, but it won't budge. He then decides he'll walk back and Erin follows him. As they wander along trying each door they come across in hopes of finding an exit they come across a door that leads them to what seems like 'Shock Street' from the movies.

In what looks like the main control room Erin's father and four identical women watch Erin and Marty. Her father then goes to fetch them. Because Erin's father is acting creepy Marty attacks him, he (the father) touches Marty somewhere on his back and Marty goes limp. Erin freaks out and struggles against her dad, but begins to break down in a robot like way. Surprise! They're robots. Erin's 'dad' then takes them to his shop to fix them.

He's working on another robot version of Marty when the previous versions come alive. They're angry and out for revenge because they don't want to be thrown out with the trash. "Even robots want to live."

Tidbits of Interest:

"A Shocker on Shock Street" was Brooke's first leading role.