Guilty Hearts


First aired: February 10, 2002 (part I) / February 13, 2002 (part II)

Starring: Treat Williams, Olympia Dukakis, Marcia Gay Harden, Gary Basaraba, Dan Macdonald

Director: Marcus Cole


A television miniseries about religion, love, family... and murder! Based on a true Long Island occurrence over a decade ago, in which a LI, NY heart specialist is accused of killing his wife. The shoot finished principal photography in December 1999, and finally aired in 2002.


Dick (MacDonald) and Amanda Patterson's (Dukakis) daughter Jenny (Harden) becomes involved with a psychopathic killer with spreading disastrous results.


According to Brooke she plays "Missy Carrow, the younger daughter of a father who is accused of having an affair with another woman and of murdering his wife."