HAVEN (2000)

First Aired: February 11, 2001 (Part 1) / February 14, 2001 (Part 2)

Starring: Natasha Richardson, Anne Bancroft, Henry Czerny, Colm Feore, Tamara Gorski, Bruce Greenwood, Hal Holbrook, Robery Joy, Martin Landau, Sheila McCarthy, William Petersen, Amanda Plummber, Sebastian Roche

Director: John Gray


Mini series based on the life of Ruth Gruber, a young Jewish U.S. government official who, in 1944, helped escort almost 1,000 Holocaust survivors from war-torn Europe to a temporary haven in Oswego, New York.


The drama follows Gruberís endeavor to gain acceptance for the frightened Jewish refugees from their journey to America aboard a liberty ship full of wounded U.S. war veterans, to their interim placement in the small town of Oswego, N.Y., an unprecedented mission that occurred while the Holocaust raged. Once free from Italy, the liberty ship is hunted at sea by Nazi planes above and U-boats on the water. Upon arriving in America, the refugees are stunned to see that their safe haven is actually an internment camp, similar to the concentration camps they had escaped from. Facing initial hostility from the local residents, the refugees live in fear of deportation and despair of ever having a home. Gruber fights for their right to stay in America and tries to persuade the government to admit more refugees and grant them citizenship, only to discover some staggering secrets about government bigotry and the politics of war.


According to Brooke she plays Terri Sayles who appears in the second part of the series. "Strong and independent, she lives in Oswego and is the daughter of a prominent member of the community. Terri grows increasingly sympathetic to the refugees, and she befriends one of them named David, against her mother's wishes."