In a Heartbeat


First Aired: April 8, 2001

Episode: The Boy's No Good

Starring: Shawn Ashmore, Lauren Collins, Danso Gordon, Kevin Hicks, Reagan Pasternak, Christopher Ralph, Jackie Rosenbaum

Director: Ron Murphy

The Show's Premise:

Disney Channel series inspired by real life EMT squads staffed by high school students. It follows the adventures of four high school students who volunteer part-time as paramedics as they work towards a medical career.


Brooke plays "Lissa", the girlfriend of a boy Caitie (a friend of the teen paramedics) falls for, not knowing that he's just using her to get back at his parents.

Tidbits of Interest:

"In a Heartbeat" stars two of Brooke's "Animorphs" co-stars -- Shawn Ashmore (Jake) and Christopher Ralph (Tobias).