The Famous Jett Jackson


First Aired: June 17, 2000

Episode: Step Up

Starring: Lee Thompson Young, Ryan Sommers Baum, Lindy Booth, Kerry Duff, Gordon Greene, Montrose Hagins, Kenney McCoy, Melanie Nicholls-King, Nigel Shawn Williams

Director: Larry McLean

The Show's Premise:

Disney Channel series focused on teenaged Jett Jackson who is the TV superhero superstar of the wildly popular "Silverstone" series. Longing for a normal life Jett tries to escape reporters and fans by moving production to his hometown of Wilsted, North Carolina but Jett canít escape fame or intrigue. The kids in his school want to bring the TV star down to size, and mystery and adventure follow him wherever he goes.


Jett (Young) joins the debate team to impress a girl (Brooke); on "Silverstone," a computer hacker (guest star Usher) tries to crack a security code.


Brooke plays Cherilee Gibson, the captain of the school debate team. She recruits Jett to fill in a vacancy on the team knowing that although Jett couldn't debate his way out of a box, his fame and popularity would make the judges vote in their favor. Eventually she learns the error of her ways and comes to a understanding with Jett.