Monday, December 31, 2001

It took two years, but "Guilty Hearts" will be airing on CBS on February 10th and 13th! The following is the description from
Academy Award winners Marcia Gay Harden and Olympia Dukakis, and Emmy and Golden Globe Award nominated Treat Williams star in this four-hour mini-series based on a true crime love story.

Feeling suffocated by a marriage in which she feels increasingly unappreciated and misunderstood, Jenny Moran (Harden) finds herself in secret awe of the successful Dr. Stephen Carrow (Williams) who worships at the church where she is employed as an organist.

When Jenny innocently chooses to bring her ailing father to the highly regarded Stephen for a consultation, she quickly finds herself relishing the newfound attention of the charming doctor. Their relationship continues and intensifies after her dad's death. Soon, Jenny shocks her husband, Matt (Gary Basaraba), her children and mother (Dukakis) by leaving home. At Stephen's urging she even agrees to accuse Matt of abuse. Calling Jenny's move a part of God's plan, Stephen begins an illicit affair with the adoring Jenny and promises her he will soon leave his wife.

When Stephen's wife is fatally shot at home, his alibi is quickly disproved and he ends up confessing to the murder. But his temporary insanity plea is in jeopardy when the shocked Jenny dutifully informs the police of their affair. Vehemently denying the liaison, Stephen challenges Jenny's mental health and begins a campaign, with the help of his devoted church circle, to discredit and humiliate her. Despite Jenny's disloyalty and her continued resistance to return to him, Matt cannot bear to see how emotionally fragile Jenny has become - and vows to protect her from the church members who will stop at nothing to get Stephen acquitted.

Monday, November 12, 2001

"Loves Music, Loves to Dance" premieres on the PAX network Sunday, November 25 at 9:00PM. The following is the summary from the site:
Darcy Scott, producing a documentary on people who date through the personals, talks her best friend Erin into answering some of the ads for research. When Erin is murdered after a personal date, Darcy begins a treacherous dating game trying to find Erinís killer. What Darcy doesn't know is that Erin wasn't his first victim....

Thursday, October 11, 2001

Brooke recently finished filming a part in a made for TV movie entitled "Loves Music, Loves to Dance" which is based on a Mary Higgins Clark novel of the same title. She plays Anne Sheridan a college student who is visited unexpectedly by Charley Nash and becomes his first victim. No airdate or network info yet. See Brooke's filmography for more about the movie and her role.

Sunday, September 30, 2001

Brooke's movie "Running Wild" has been released as a DVD. It is available for purchase from Thanks to John for the info!

Friday, September 14, 2001

Brooke's episode of 'Doc' entitled "Home is Where the Heart Is" premieres on PAX Sunday, September 30 at 8:00 PM. The following is the summary for the episode from the PAX.TV website:
Clint diagnoses a teenage girl with a mysterious illness and in the process brings her and her father closer together. When Nates ne'er-do-well brother shows up unexpectedly, it causes dissension between Nate and Beverly and threatens to have a negative effect on Raul. Derek can't shake a severe case of hiccups and is offered every antidote in the book by his well-meaning co-workers.

Thursday, August 30, 2001

Some images of Kaleigh in The Wishing Tree from Showtime Online:

Sunday, August 26, 2001

Nothing much, just marking yet another new layout! Took elements from previous layouts and gave it a new look (hopefully!) with a light Shiva-inspired (FFVIII) blue coloring.

Friday, June 08, 2001

Although Brooke's quite busy with school she recently filmed an episode of the PAX drama "Doc". Information about her character and the episode, straight from Brooke, can be found on the page we set up for Doc in the filmography area.

Also, congratulations to Brooke's sister Kaleigh Nevin for her Young Artist Award nomination for her work in the Showtime movie "The Wishing Tree". Talent certainly seems to run in this family! If you want to check the movie out, it's available on VHS from

Tuesday, May 29, 2001

From the Hollywood Reporter:

"ALLIANCE ATLANTIS' major mini-series Life With Judy Garland: Me and My Shadows and Haven (2 x 90 min) have been acquired by the prestigious television network the Hallmark Channel for a number of it's international markets.

The Hallmark Channel has acquired the exclusive pay television rights for both mini-series in Latin America, Spain, Portugal, CIS including Russia, Middle East and Italy."

Tuesday, March 20, 2001

Brooke's episode of "In a Heartbeat" looks like it's finally going to air April 8th. You can find some information about it on Disney's In a Heartbeat site.

Also, for the site's second birthday we've gotten an easier to remember URL to access the site:

Wednesday, February 28, 2001

According to Disney Channel Viewer Services "Episode 1-16 ('The Boy's No Good') of In A Heartbeat is not scheduled to air at this time." Check on the 11th just in case, but it looks like it'll be a while before we see Brooke's episode.

Sunday, February 25, 2001

It looks like Brooke's episode of 'In a Heartbeat' may not air anytime soon. The Disney Channel seems to have scheduled a Will Friedle/Boy Meets World marathon that day, and other episodes are scheduled for the rest of the month.

Sunday, February 18, 2001

Brooke episode of 'In a Heartbeat' entitled 'The Boy's No Good' airs in the US March 4th. Canadian fans will have to wait a bit longer as 'In a Heartbeat' has recently begun airing on the Family Channel. Also, the following is a short description of the episode, which unfortunately doesn't tell us much about Brooke's role.

The Boy's No Good: When Caitie falls for a preppie boy, she comes to realize that he is using her to get back at his parents.

Thursday, February 08, 2001

For Brooke fans which live in areas that support the PAL VHS format "Guilty Hearts" is available for purchase. I've found one online retailer that sells it: If anyone knows of any other retailers or could convert from PAL to NTSC, please email me. Thanks!

Tuesday, February 06, 2001

Remember the Birthday & Holiday Greetings? Brooke has received them and big thanks to all as it "but it really made [her] day!" Nothing new on the acting front as she's been concentrating on school, but hopefully we'll get to more appearances later this year. In the meantime we've still got "Guilty Hearts" and "In a Heartbeat" to look forward to!

Saturday, February 03, 2001

Review from Issue 313 of US Weekly

CBS Sunday and Wednesday, February 11 and 14 at 9:00 PM

This engrossing drama shows that is is possible to make a Holocaust movie in an era in which the problem is not so much how to tell the story as how to avoid simply retelling it. Haven is based on the little-known history of 982 Jewish refugees who were transported to a camp in upstate New York in 1944. An American official named Ruth Gruber (Natasha Richardson) traveled with them and became their friend and champion. The Holocaust itself is depicted only obliquely, through the survivors' stories, illustrated with nightmarish glimpses of corpses and mass graves. Those powerful moments put the actors playing Americans -- including Anne Bancroft and Martin Landau -- at a disadvantage; for her part, Richardson seems stymied by her Brooklyn accent. Moreover, some dramatic moments feel contrived. The refugees' suffering and anxiety, however, feel all too real.

3 out of 4 stars: Worthwhile account of a forgotten bit of history.

Tuesday, January 16, 2001

"Haven" finally airs! Part one can be seen February 11th at 9:00 PM and part two airs February 14th at 9:00 PM. Brooke appears in part two of the mini-series.

Monday, January 01, 2001

Wow. 2000 went by pretty quickly. Anyhow, the site's got a new look, it reflects my new "white space" phase in webdesign. And on the Brooke front -- the new year brings (hopefully) new appearances on TV, namely the much anticipated episode of "In a Heartbeat" (with fellow Animorphs co-stars Shawn Ashmore and Christopher Ralph), and the two miniseries we've literally been waiting all year for "Haven" and "Guilty Hearts".