24 Hours


--Graeme McRanor

She's young, she's attractive, she's Canadian - and she's worked with Dr. McSteamy.

Yes, Brooke Nevin is a busy, busy actress. She plays a pom-squad captain in an upcoming episode of "Grey's Anatomy"; she's shooting a guest spot for the upcoming series "Eli Stone"; she's in "The Comebacks", a feature film opening today; and she's recently wrapped principal photography on "Infestation", a film she describes as "half sci-fi, half horror, half comedy. I realize there's an extra 'half' in there, but that's what makes it special. And did I mention it's about bugs?"

24 hours caught up with Brook Nevin:

24: Our female readers demand to know: What was it like working with Dr. McSteamy on "Grey's Anatomy"?

BN: I had such a great time working on "Grey's Anatomy" and having Eric Dane as my doctor made it that much more enjoyable. He is a generous (ahem, gorgeous) actor and has a great sense of humour too.

24: "The Comebacks" is a spoof film. More fun than doing more traditional fare?

BN: Yes! The fun factor always goes up to 11 when doing a spoof comedy. Plus, it's an amazing ab workout; David Koechner kept me laughing during and between takes, not to mention the rest of the hilarious cast!

24: Finish this sentence: I know I'm Canadian when I...

BN: Attempt to tell off someone who is being mean and it comes out as a compliment or an affirmation of future well-being such as, "Well, I hope you feel better about yourself." Zing. Pow. Boom. Yeah, try to think of a comeback to that one. Don't cross this Canadian. Unless, of course, you need a midday pick-me-up... Then, bring it.

24: Finish the sentence: My American friends know I'm Canadian when I...

BN: Constantly apologize for things that don't warrant apologies. Like someone steps on my toes and I say, "Sorry." That, and the apology sounds like "Surrey."

24: What career do you think you would love if you weren't in the acting biz?

BN: Well, I've deferred my acceptance to Concordia's Communication Arts program for about six years now, as well as my Queen's Liberal Arts acceptance and filmmaking courses at Ryerson. So according to those options, if I had jumped on the university track, I would probably still be in the business of telling stories, via journalism or directing films or documentaries. That reminds me... I should submit my deferral requests for next year.

24: What career would you least like to do?

BN: Windows get dirty. Some people have to clean them. Some windows are on very tall buildings. I would not like to be the one who cleans them.