Allie Is Wired


--Cara Harrington

This week on "Imaginary Bitches" there is a new bitch in town. Eden's imagination invents a new friend that has leaves you wondering why.

Brooke Nevin, who is one of the real members of Eden's circle of friends, was willing to answer a few questions for us. You might also recognize Nevin from guest roles on "Eli Stone" and "Grey's Anatomy." She is no stranger to other shows such as "The 4400" and "My Boys."

Cara Harrington: Your character is one of Eden's friends that doesn't stem from her imagination. What would you say is your biggest lure to being on "Imaginary Bitches" and why?

Brooke Nevin: When I first read the script for IB, I thought the writing was so fun and clever, I even would have played one of Eden's imaginary friends if Andrew had asked me! The concept of an unfiltered subconscious in the form of catty, highly-sexed imaginary women – the possibilities are just endless.

Cara: The humor can be beyond risqué. Does any of the talk from the Bitches offend you?

Brooke: Now, while I would never in my wildest dreams tell a guy (even a really hot one) that I would like to use his abs as a washboard for my panties, ahem, while I'm wearing them, it sure makes me laugh out loud to hear an imaginary bitch say it. This is from a girl who, like her "character" Brooke, has a hard time hearing the phrase "dick-whipped" more than once in a conversation. There are many, many colorful phrases from the show that will not make it into my everyday vernacular!!

Cara: Are you working on any other projects at the moment or in the near future?

Brooke: I am currently working on a great new comedy for CBS called "Worst Week" that will be airing this fall. I also have some upcoming films including a bug-themed thriller "Infestation" for Icon Productions and a heart-warming indie feature called "Sherman's Way" that has been an audience favorite at film festivals across the country.

Cara: I have asked everyone so far…What is your favorite episode and why?

Brooke: My favorite would have to be Episode #3. I got to let off steam while passionately questioning Heather and Catherine's commitment to Eden's best interests. Acting with the unseen is a hoot!

Cara: Do you think if Britney Spears had any imaginary friends she wouldn't have gone so ham sandwich crazy?

Brooke: Any self-respecting ham sandwich would never have told her to shave her head. In fact, I think listening to her imaginary bitches is what got Britney Spears into so much trouble in the first place.