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Cat girl Brooke Nevin has a lot in common with fearless 'Animorph' character

Imagine that one second you're a regular kid and the next, you're a lion. How's that for a change of pace? But such wild times are nothing new for Brooke Nevin, 16, who plays Rachel on Nickelodeon's live-action TV show "Animorphs."

If you're into the "Animorphs" book series, you know the drill: A good alien, known as an Andalite, gives five young Earthlings the power to morph into an animal they touch so they can save the world from bad aliens, the Yeerks. We recently talked to Brooke about the whole moving experience of playing an "Animorphs" kid:

KidNews: Were you a fan of the "Animorphs" books before doing the TV show?

Brooke: I didn't hear about the books until I started auditioning. But once I started reading, I've started to enjoy them. I used the book as a study tool for my own character.

KN: Describe Rachel as you portray her.

Brooke: Rachel is the fearless one. She's very impulsive. She doesn't hesitate to get into a sticky situation. It could all be over in a minute, but she doesn't care. Marco (a fellow morphing pal) will be peeing in his pants, and Rachel will be laughing her head off. Her slogan is, "Let's do it!"

KN: So the lion, the animal you morph into most, really fits your character.

Brooke: Yeah, the lion's the king of the jungle, fearless.

KN: Are you like Rachel?

Brooke: Well, unlike Rachel, I tend to show my soft side as well. And I would probably think about things a lot more.

KN: At 16, you're the youngest cast member (the other stars are 18 to 22). What's that like?

Brooke: They all take care of me, look out for me. At first, I was pretty intimidated, thinking, "They're not gonna want to hang with me."

KN: But you do hang out?

Brooke: Oh, definitely. When we're filming, we go to movies and stuff.

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