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This Animorph takes nothing lion down

When people call Brooke Nevin catty, it's a compliment.

The 16 year old Canadian actress plays Rachel on Nickelodeon's smash series Animorphs, a tough-talking, together teen who has a habit of morphing into a lion. But when Hasbro released a series of Animorphs action figures, Brooke hardly knew what to think: "It's totally crazy! I open up this big package and there I am - but as a doll. I can't believe there's a doll that's me."

We'll call it Mini-Brooke! But is she as much of a tough cookie as her onscreen counterpart? "I'm probably more of a housecat than a lion. Rachel never lets any emotions, or at least really strong ones, show though."

When it comes to dating, Brooke's just a pussycat, plagued by awkward romantic moments like the rest of us. "I met a boy once who decided to be really gentlemanly. When we said goodnight, I went to shake his hand and he kissed my hand instead."

He must have been wowed by the whole fame thing, huh?

"You know what? We don't event get Nickelodeon here in Canada, so I don't think people see me as a Nick-kid."

Someone call the cable guy!

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