Ask Brooke / January 2001

In honor of the real new millennium this edition of the Q&As takes on the theme of: "The Past, The Present, and The Future".


What was it like working with Lee Tompson Young (The Famous Jett Jackson)?

Lee Thompson Young was a lot of fun to work with on the set of Jett Jackson. He has a great sense of humour and makes a new castmate feel at ease.

Of the work you've done in 2000, what has been the most memorable?

Work most memorable in 2000 would definitely be the miniseries Haven. The t.v. film was a period piece set in the early 1940's, nearing the end of World War II. It was almost surreal being transformed (after hair/makeup and wardrobe) from my 'normal' teenage self to a young lady from the 1940's.

Most of my clothes were authentic pieces rented from a warehouse in England. And, as most of the clothes were made of wool, it was certainly a memorable experience shooting "winter" scenes under the hot sun in the middle of July!

It was fascinating to learn about and recognize all the work that goes into researching and developing film projects set in another era. I was particularly impressed with the wardrobe and hair departments who had to do makeovers for as many as 400 people at a time playing extras in various scenes! (That's on top of making over 20 to 30 principal and lead actors on any given day.)

The fake snow though, was a real highlight for me! I was completely mesmerized by the stuff decorating the set and being blown in all directions from the snow machines. It looked so real I had to remind myself not to stick out my tongue (the starch mix used to create it really doesn't taste too great!!) It also made the set REALLY slippery, so I had to be extra careful in my period shoes.

All in all it was a great experience. Walking on to the Haven film set each day was like stepping back in time.

What did you think of the Zutopia clothes worn during Animorphs?

Throughout season 1 and 2 of Animorphs we were almost exclusively outfitted with clothes from the Gap. I don't think I've ever heard of the clothing brand 'Zutopia'!

(Editor's note: Zutopia was listed in the credits as the wardrobe provider for season 2, but they may have continued to use clothes from the GAP, whatever it was, I'm sure most viewers (ie: Ali!) will agree that it looked much better than the early episodes!)


If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

I have a tendency to be over-critical of myself and sometimes I'm too hard on myself for my own good! It's difficult, but I'm really trying hard not to 'sweat the small stuff'.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

In my spare time I like to go out to the movies with friends or family. I most recently saw "Save the Last Dance" at the theatre which was particularly enjoyable since I also love to go out dancing (whether it's Club/House, HipHop or Latin.)

I like to play the piano and be creative with art, especially watercolor. Sometimes it's nice just to chill at home, relax and unwind.


What are your plans for this coming year?

This coming year I am concentrating on doing well in all of my OAC subjects (the marks which will be submitted to university). After I graduate in June (aaahh!) I can devote myself entirely to studying acting and hopefully getting more work. I plan to apply for a Bachelor of Fine Arts program at a drama school in New York (Juilliard and S.U.N.Y. Purchase College are among my top choices). However, I know that things don't always turn out as planned, so I'm keeping my options open to include a possible career in other creative areas such as journalism or a law-related practice.

Can you give us some spoilers about your role on "In a Heartbeat"?

Hmmmm, spoilers about in a Heartbeat?! Well, I do lock lips with a very handsome young man!!!