Ask Brooke / April 2000

Thanks to everyone who participated in the first 'Ask Brooke' type thing! (I have no clue what to call this) Sorry if your question didn't make it the first time around, there were so many and I tried to pick those that were asked often and I thought fans would find interesting. Brooke has kindly agreed to do some more Q&A's as time allows so if your question wasn't asked the first time around, you can submit it again :) Anyways, enough of my babbling, here's the Q&A for April 2000:

Do you know why Animorphs has not been renewed? If Animorphs does come back, would you be interested in reprising your role?

I don't know the specifics as to why Animorphs was cancelled but I think it basically came down to numbers. It was slow to catch on and the ratings were likely not good enough to convince the networks to continue the show for another season.

Rachel was a fun role to play and her character was just starting to develop at the the show was cancelled. I certainly would have loved to continue filming Animorphs, but it's quite unlikely that the show will be picked up again.

Are you involved in any other tv or movies that we can look forward to? Do you have any long term plans now that Animorphs is over?

I recently finished filming a guest spot in the Disney television series "THE FAMOUS JETT JACKSON". The episode was called "Step Up".

I continue to audition in Canada and I love drama in both film and theatre. After high school, I hope to be accepted to a Fine Arts University program such as those offered by Juilliard or the Tisch School in New York or Yale University.

Do you have any idea when 'Guilty Hearts' will air? Can you tell us anything about your role in it?

I have no idea when "Guilty Hearts" will be airing!! (They never tell us actors that sort of thing) I can tell you a bit about my role though. I play the part of Missy Carrow, the younger daughter of a father who is accused of having an affair with another woman and of murdering his wife.

What's it like to work with cast members like Christopher Ralph and Ben Cook (Goosebumps: "A Shocker On Shock Street"). Did the (Animorphs) cast do anything together off camera?

I was lucky to be able to work with Ben Cook. "A Shocker on Shock Street" was Ben's third Goosebumps episode, so he was very familiar with the studio and crew and was able to give me some helpful tips on set. He helped make my "Goosebumps" experience much less intimidating (it was my first principal part) and I ultimately had a great time filming our episode!

The Animorphs cast was a very exciting and interesting group of people to work with. I think filming together for such a long time and having the chance to 'bond' with each other was a special and unforgettable experience.

Each cast member has a really unique personality. Christopher Ralph is a really sweet guy and funny too, (he does a really good impression of actors like Christopher Walkin)! Off set, we've gone to plays, the movies, Canada's Wonderland, dinner and dancing and other fun things.

If you weren't acting, what would you be doing instead?

If I weren't acting professionally, I'd be more involved in school theatre productions. I'd also devote more of my time to dance classes and piano lessons which I've had to limit considerably.

What does it feel like to see yourself on tv and on merchandise such as the transformers, folders, etc..?

The thing about watching myself on t.v. is that I always tend to analyze the whole situation - what parts I did well, where I could have done better, and so on. (I think most actors do this!)

As for the merchandise, like the transformers, it's somewhat surreal!

What made you try out for the part of 'Rachel'? How do you try to portray her characteristics? Which was your favorite episode to make?

As with most film/t.v. projects, my agent submits me for the part she feels I am suited for. When I was asked to audition for Animorphs I was very excited. I initially started reading the book series to prepare for my audition. When I landed the role I continued to read the Animorphs books in order to get a better handle on the character of "Rachel".

I think my favorite Animorphs episodes are The Stranger and The Leader (parts one and two). Nadia and I got to do a lot of action-oriented scenes in the The Leader.

Of all the roles you've played, which character is the most like you? Which one did enjoy playing the most?

I've enjoyed all the parts I've played. I think a character most like me would probably be a comedic one.

Is your indie film "Short For Nothing" available anywhere to be seen? Can you tell us about the film or your character?

It's funny that this question was asked - it was just a couple of weeks ago that I spotted the film on t.v.. Before then I didn't really know the plot of the film , but from what I could gather it's about the subculture of people in the arts field waiting and hoping for their "big break". I had a small scene in the film that was shot in the wee hours of the morning. I was a member of a dysfunctional family dining in a restaurant where much of the film takes place.

How do you manage to balance your time between school, acting, babysitting, etc..?

I like to remain an A-student and I really enjoy acting, and so I have to set priorities for myself. Weekends are usually devoted to catching up on homework, but I do set time aside for fun!! The key to managing it all is organization and hard work!

How did you like New York when you came down for your FAO Schwarz appearance?

I LOVED New York!!! Except the traffic, there's A LOT of traffic!

The question that all male fans want to know... do you have a boyfriend?

As you can appreciate, between acting and school I don't have much time to devote to any relationship. I do, however, have a special guy friend that I like to go out with when I can.

And lastly, any words of wisdom or advice for fans or those wanting to break into showbiz?

For all those wanting to break into showbiz, the key is commitment and a true desire to act. Start with school plays definitely and local theatre if you can. Workshops are also a great way to start - anything to get involved! It's possible to promote yourself independently, but essentially, getting an agent is the most important step. After that, it's perseverance and a positive attitude!