Ask Brooke / May 2000

How does it feel to be an actor?

Being an actor has been a really exciting experience for me. I've traveled to some amazing places (like Africa!!) and I've met some really special and interesting people. Most of all, acting has been a lot of fun, since I really enjoy what I'm doing. Sometimes, it's been tricky balancing work and school, but it's all worth it in the end!

How does it feel to work with so many exotic animals?

I definitely had some unforgettable experiences working with exotic animals on both the Animorphs series and Running Wild. Dande, the elephant star of Running Wild, was two and a half years old at the time of filming, although she was still quite big!! I went swimming with her once in a pond, and eventually I could get her to do tricks for me, like raising her trunk or shaking her ears.

I also got to bottle-feed lion cubs in one of the scenes we filmed, and though they were just babies, I'm glad I was on the other side of the fence! There were always animals on the set of Animorphs. The most exciting animals, in my opinion, were the wild cats - - the lion and tigers. However, I never got too close to them!! And I certainly wouldn't want to feed Bongo - the full grown African lion! The Madagascar cockroaches were HUGE and somewhat yucky to handle, and sometimes the hawk showed its own temperament whilst filming.

What type of music to you like to listen to?

I have a pretty eclectic taste in music. I usually like whatever is playing on the current Top 40 List. I like Tal Bachman, Jacksoul, Santana, Macy Gray, Enrique Iglesias and especially The Buena Vista Social Club. My all-time favorites, though, are Madonna (especially The Immaculate Collection!) and Sarah McLachlan.

How did you start acting?

Since I was a little girl I've been acting in school plays and musicals. When my middle school did a production of The Pirates of Penzance, my mom realized I had the talent and it was the last time I begged to get into showbiz! (My mom had been hesitating before because she knew it would be a lot of work on her part too.) The next step was to find an agency. I took a few courses in auditioning techniques and on-camera work. The rest was a mixture of luck and perseverance.

Do you stay in touch with past co-stars?

After Animorphs, all the cast members took different paths, some returning back to their hometown. I'm the only left in school, so it is a little harder for me to keep in touch with the others, as I'm the only one leading a fairly typical teenage life. As far as I know, everyone is still acting, but some like Nadia are also pursuing other avenues in the film industry I do sporadically keep in touch with my co-stars, Nadia in particular.

Do you answer to every fan letter? (I'm assuming they mean letters sent via postal mail).

I try my best to answer all the fan letters I receive! Sometimes the letters come through only at six to twelve month intervals in a package and it appears that Scholastic reroutes them to my agency while Nickelodeon doesn't. Sometimes people don't leave their return address and sometimes I can't make out the writing!
Note: Related to that last question: there have been a few requests via the 'Ask Brooke' form for an autograph, to make things easier for everyone if you want an autograph, please send a self addressed stamped envelope (it should be large enough to fit an 8x10) with your request to:

Brooke Nevin
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