Ask Brooke / August 2000

Do you like getting fan mail, and what do you do with it? Do you like answering fan questions?

Yes, I do enjoy receiving fan mail. I always read all the letters and I try my best to respond to all of them!

What's it like in Toronto?

Toronto is a wonderful city, it's very cosmopolitan. One of the best features about Toronto, in comparison to other big cities, is that there are a lot trees and greenery. Toronto is also a very clean and safe city. One of the defining features is the level of multiculturalism found here. Toronto has a lot of character with the blend of both old and new quarters and the diverse cultural backgrounds.

Have you visited any fansites or read any of the Animorphs fan fiction? If you did, what do you think?

Yes, I have visited several fan sites and I've enjoyed reading about the books and the t.v. show. I've also read some of the fan fiction.

What preparations did you go through for your role in "Running Wild"? How old were you when you filmed the movie?

I was 14 years old when I filmed "Running Wild." As it was filmed in Africa, I had to take a whole 'armful' of shots for diseases such as Malaria. And for someone who's not too fond of needles, it wasn't the most pleasant part of the preparation process!

I spent 6 weeks away, so I packed a lot. I brought along six big cans of bug spray with me, and I ended up only using one of them! The first week in Zimbabwe was spent getting comfortable with the surroundings and the elephant co-star. Then, for the following five weeks, we filmed the movie!

What's your background?

I am a many-generation Canadian. My ancestors are from Scotland.

Have you seen X-Men?

Not yet, but I certainly plan to!

Were you taking French classes before enrolling in the French Immersion Program? How long did it take before you could speak French fluently?

In Canada, all students start taking French classes in Grade 4. Although, it's not really preparation for enrollment in a Late French Immersion Program. Starting out in an immersion program is comparable to moving to another country!

The first month was the most difficult and confusing period. The teacher ONLY spoke to us in FRENCH! But, gradually my classmates and I came to understand and speak the language. By the middle of the first year we could certainly converse in French, and by the end of the third year we were on par with the students who had been in the French Immersion program since kindergarten. I certainly enjoyed my experience and I'm really glad to be able to speak a second language!

Is there anything you can tell us about your role in 'Haven'?

"Haven" is a 4-part mini-series produced for CBS. The character I play, 'Terri Sayles,' appears in the second part of the series. Strong and independent, she lives in Oswego and is the daughter of a prominent member of the community. Terri grows increasingly sympathetic to the refugees, and she befriends one of them named David, against her mother's wishes.