Ask Brooke / September 2000

Have you ever chatted on ICQ, AIM or anything like that?

I don't use the internet to chat, so I've never tried ICQ, AIM or a similar online chatting program. I mostly use the net for research or e-mail.

Have you ever considered or imagined a different career in the entertainment field?

I have. I'm interested in journalism and law in the entertainment field. I might enjoy working as a reporter on a show like 20/20, or Inside Edition, or even Entertainment Tonight.

Have you done any traveling this summer? Because I saw either you or an extremely good lookalike at DisneyLand Paris.

I traveled to Los Angeles in August to film the Summer Snick Video Clips for Nickelodeon promoting the 3-episode Animorphs 'movie' the network recently aired. Other than that, I've just been here in Toronto!!

If you really met an alien would you be scared?

That really depends on how scary the alien looks!! If it resembled a gremlin, a critter or those aliens in the film "Alien" I'd be shakin' in my boots!! But, if it were an alien similar to the ones in the movie "Cocoon," let's say, I think I'd be more interested rather than frightened.

What's been your favorite project so far?

I've been fortunate enough to enjoy all the projects I've worked on . . . I don't really know which one has been my 'favorite'.

Do you like to answering fan questions / do you like getting fan mail?

It's always exciting to receive fan mail! I try to respond to everyone who writes. I don't believe that Scholastic or Nickelodeon forward any fan mail anymore.

(The address for fan mail can be found on the FAQ page)

Have you always wanted to be an actress? When you were growing up did you have any other careers in mind?

I've always been 'theatrical' and from a young age I've wanted to be on t.v., but I did have a number of careers in mind while I was growing up. Like many five to seven year old girls, I thought that I would love to be a prima ballerina. I've also wanted to be a doctor, a lawyer or a journalist (the latter two are still of interest to me.)