Ask Brooke / December 2000

What do you like about acting?

What I love most about acting is that it's a process of discovery. There's so much to learn about acting that it's a never-ending process and I know that as I continue to study, I will hone my skills.

I love to be expressive and creative in visual arts, music and especially in drama.

What kinds of comments do you get that make you feel most happy?

I enjoy all the positive, constructive comments I receive about my work or the shows I am in. I feel happy if I'm able to bring to life a character that people can relate to.

What are your main focuses in school (ex. friends or school work?)

I always try my best to keep a happy medium at school between my work and friends. It's important to take a break and go out and have fun, but it's equally important to buckle down and study when the time is appropriate. Getting good grades is my priority, so I only go out when I have the time to spare.

What first drew you to acting?

It's hard to say what first drew me to acting. I've always enjoyed putting on a show for family and friends. My first acting experience was in middle school when I was involved in the musical plays and shows and I participated with zeal. Perhaps that's when I really began to fall in love with acting and performing for a greater audience.

Do you think fame has changed you?

I don't think being an actor has changed me at all, and I'm sure my friends and family would concur. I don't consider myself 'famous' but I do hope to eventually establish a successful career.

Where do you think your career will take you throughout the next few years?

The film industry is such an unpredictable business that it's hard to predict where my career will take me in the next few years. I certainly want to continue acting. I do plan on going to university to study theatre arts in the near future.

Do you have any pets?

I do have pets: two dogs named Bengi and Coco. Bengi is a playful shih-poo (half poodle, half shih-tzu) and Coco is a shih-tzu. Both dogs are much loved and definitely a part of our family.

Did acting in 'In a Heartbeat' feel like a reunion? Did you have fun?

Acting in 'In a Heartbeat' did kind of feel like a reunion. I hadn't seen Shawn or Chris for a long while, so it was great to hang out on set with them again.

Have you played any of the Animorphs PC/PS/GB games?

I haven't played any of the Animorphs computer or video games. My mom bought the Animorphs board game but she won't let me take it out of the cellophane packaging (I guess she wants it for a keepsake!) . . . so, in fact I haven't played any of the games. But, I've played with the transformers!!