The Animorphs sure know a lot about Girl power and actress Brooke Nevin knows better than anyone. After all, she plays Rachel - known to her fellow Animorphs as "Xena, Warrior Princess"!

Brooke loves to perform. In school she stars in everything from plays, musicals, and talent shows to band and choir. Her first pro acting gig? A commercial. Her costar? A sunbeam toaster.

To prepare for the role of smart, strong, super-girl Rachel, Brooke does a few things." I forget any insecurities I may have at the time and just pretend I'm capable of absolutely anything in the world. I really try to get myself into superhero, girl-power mode, and hopefully it comes out on screen."

Brooke's biggest thrill was meeting Bongo - The African lion - on the Animorphs set. "Just being in its presence, I was able to feel its sheer power."

"I really love working with the exotic animals - close up! I was taken aback by Madagascar cockroaches, but proud of myself for having mustered up enough courage to actually touch a bug half the size of my fist."

What real-life adventure does Brooke crave?

"I would love to go backpacking across Europe."

Which morphs does Brooke admire?

"The speed of a cheetah... The perfect night vision of a Horned owl... and the absolute gracefulness and balance of a cat"

Scholastic / Transcript by Angelus Stormcrow