An Interview with Supernatural's Kat
--Mary Borsellino

You might remember Brooke Nevin from her turn as a heroine with a dark secret in the most recent I Know What You Did Last Summer film, a sorority leader with an... interesting secret on Smallville, or as Kat, one of the most vibrant and memorable single-episode characters in the first season of Supernatural.

Sequential Tart: You've got a number of films coming out in the near future. Can you tell us about them?

Brooke Nevin: I just finished a feature for FOX ATOMIC called The Comebacks. It's a comedic take on all of those inspirational sports movies, with David Koechner as a down-on-his-luck college football coach who rallies a team of misfits and takes them to the championships. I play the coach's daughter Michelle, who inspires a rivalry between two of the team's star players after being sentenced to the women's USA gymnastics team as punishment for her rebellious ways.

I also have roles in two independent films that are awaiting release. One is Sherman's Way, a buddy comedy between an unlikely pair involving an off-beat former Olympic hopeful, and Sherman, an uptight law student. I play Addy, this whimsical, quirky gal who succeeds in opening Sherman's eyes to a different way of looking at the world.

The other film is My Suicide, a dark comedy about the very real issue of teen suicide. I'm glad to be a part of a film that will hopefully shed some light or at least open more dialogue on a problem that is affecting more teens than we recognize.

ST: Is there a particular kind of role you especially enjoy playing? Is there much difference between making movies and making television?

BN: I really enjoy portraying characters that have a point of view or a take on the world that's different from the status quo. It allows me to step out of myself and my own experiences even more. It might come out as a comedic quirk or a mysterious quality, but the idea of a having a secret to play with is so great in creating a character. When it comes to doing television versus films, I think the biggest difference is pacing. There is a lot less time in TV-land to play with when it comes to prep time and scene set-ups, so it is generally a faster-paced working environment. Of course, that comparison goes out the window when it comes to shooting indies versus bigger feature-length films. Doing a lot of guest-star work has afforded me the chance to play a host of interesting characters. (Can you say "Buffy the Lesbian Vampire Sorority-Queen?") I love the camaraderie on all sets, but there's something special about the little family that's formed in coming together to work on a project for a significant amount of time.

ST: Were you interested in photography before playing Amber in I'll Always Know What You Did Last Summer?

BN: I've always been interested in visual arts. I used to do a lot more in the way of painting and drawing. I still enjoy it, but it's really time-consuming and hard to travel with art materials. So I put down a paintbrush and picked up a camera. It was a nice character coincidence that Amber from I'll Always Know did photography. I had an interest in photography, and wonderfully convenient for me to snap away between takes with my "prop"!

ST: Articles and interviews about Supernatural often mention your character as one of the most memorable in the first season which is understandable, because she was totally awesome. Would you be interested in reprising the role if you had the opportunity?

BN: I would love to do another episode of Supernatural! And playing that character again would definitely interest me especially now knowing that she was so memorable! I'll always enjoy playing a girl that sticks to her guns, so to speak.

ST: What was your episode of Supernatural like to make?

BN: We filmed in this derelict ward of a mental hospital. The art department did an amazing job of redressing the set to make it creepy, and on top of that there are rumors of it actually being haunted so it was an "interesting" place to film in. Naturally, my cast mate and I decided to go exploring on the other floors in search of paranormal activity. All that we found was an eerie ability to scare ourselves! Jensen and Jared were so much fun to work with, and really welcoming on set. I think they do a great job on the show.

ST: What sort of scary movies appeal to you as a viewer? What about as an actor is there any kind of fright-feature you'd love to be in?

BN: I have a weak stomach for gory visuals. I even found myself recently covering my eyes watching Pan's Labyrinth. I'm drawn to frightening fare that has more of a psychological component to it. Rosemary's Baby, of course, is a classic, as is Silence of the Lambs, and The Ring. I prefer scary movies that leave the viewer to extend the horror within their own imagination. Unfortunately, mine is a little too active! So I tend to veer away from the scariest of films in the horror genre... The Exorcist for instance; I still haven't seen it, and have no plans to in the near future.

ST: Anything else you'd like to talk about?

BN: Yes! I am very happy to announce that I just booked a lead role in a new pilot for the CW called Gravity. It's about a group of fresh-out-of-the-academy rookies who've been chosen to be part of Special Enforcement Bureau (SEB), a hardcore task force with the L.A Sheriff's Department. I play one of these new deputies... I don't know, maybe the folks at CW saw my gun-toting skills in Supernatural!