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Brooke's Star Rising After Stint on Hit TV Series
--Louis B. Hobson

HOLLYWOOD -- When you star in a top-rated episode of one of TV's hit shows there's no way you can disappear.

That's what former Toronto actress Brooke Nevin discovered when she guest starred on Without a Trace.

"I played the school girl who helps her best friend who is pregnant by misleading the FBI agents," says Nevin.

"It was quite an experience going on the show. All those actors know their characters, so well it's as if they're not acting."

Nevin says the show's Emmy-winning star Anthony LaPaglia "is nothing like his character. He's so funny. On the show he has to be so serious."

Nevin, 22, began her career at 14, guest starring on the children's TV shows Goosebumps and Are You Afraid of the Dark?.

"It's a rite of passage to star on those shows if you're an aspiring teen actor in Toronto," she says but admits it's her role on Animorphs that got the attention of her classmates.

"They'd always tease me and ask me to morph into a lion."

Two years ago, Nevin relocated to Los Angeles because "there's a glass ceiling in Canada. You can only go so far."

The irony is that since moving to L.A., Nevin keeps getting cast in films shooting in Canada.

She's in Calgary, shooting the comedy Comeback Season for writer and director Bruce McCulloch.

She plays Ray Liotta's daughter in this story of a man who has to find a way to reconnect with his family when he cheats on his wife.

Nevin played Nikki Hudson in the Sci-Fi Channel's hit mini-series The 4400, about a group of abductees who are returned to Earth.


Nevin's love interest in Comeback Season is played by Victoria actor Shaun Sipos.

His is a familiar story.

He got into acting "so girls would talk to me. I'm still waiting to see if it works.

"My father makes gym equipment, so it was assumed I would go into the family business, which I did from 13 to 18.

"After graduation, I got an agent who got me a role on the WB series Maybe It's Me.

"I played the boyfriend of this girl (Julia Sweeney) who comes from a really eccentric family."

Sipos, 23, admits the show was his classroom.

"I knew nothing when they cast me. I learned so much, so quickly. I was lucky because most of the people on the show were really tolerant and helpful."

Sipos admits he had to learn the hard way such basics as "don't fix your own hair or don't play basketball between takes. And don't ever walk on to the set if the red light is on."

Like Nevin, Sipos moved to L.A. two years ago.

"My agent got me the interviews with Bruce McCulloch and Ray Liotta," recalls Sipos, who sheepishly admits he "didn't know who Bruce was.

"As soon as I learned I'd be meeting him, I watched a whole season of Kids in the Hall.

"I half expected him to turn up in a dress for our interview."

Sipos knew who Liotta is and knew the actor would have casting approval because their characters have so much screentime in Comeback Season.

"You've got to play real with Ray. There's no faking it. He keeps you on your toes, but it's something every young actor dreams will happen for them."

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